What is CollegeSlate?

It's actually really simple: we get raw grade data from the University of Colorado at Boulder and present it in an understandable format so you can make informed decisions about what classes you should take, and which instructors you should take them from.

Where did CollegeSlate's data come from?

CollegeSlate's raw data is collected directly from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and because of that, it's comprehensive, accurate and free of bias. In other words, our data comes from real grades received by actual students, as reported by the university itself. We provide access to the complete grades of 44,287 classes over 15 semesters at CU - that's 1,652,583 grades in total.

Do you know individual students' grades?

Definitely not. The grades we get from the university are on the class level. That means we know what grades a particular instructor gave in a particular class, but not who received these grades.

How do you calculate GPA's?

We take the number of A's, B's, C's, D's and F's given in a class or by an instructor, multiply by the point value of each grade (i.e. an A is worth 4.0, a B is worth 3.0, etc) and then divide by the total number of students who received a grade in that class. Students who dropped the course, took an incomplete, or took the course pass/fail are excluded from the calculations.

It's worth noting that, although the University of Colorado assigns student grades with pluses and minuses, they do not report this information to us, so we can't factor it in to our grade calculations.

Do you have data for other universities?

Not at the moment.